Our mission is to assist you in finding the design that works best for you along with the choice of colors and styling that best fits your personality. Experience the pleasure of a customized furniture solution.


Observe. Cast a creative look at the space to find its true transformational capability. Analyze space, forms, angles, levels is what enables us to start the road towards a solution tailored to your needs.


At 3DesingMiami let us Create to optimize and give space its value. Aesthetic is the main character and through Creativity and the use of the latest design technology we create an alchemy of components that will transform the shape of your space.


Each element that makes up the solution, tailored to your needs is developed from its inception with a passion for detail. Through the combination of your ideas and our designers we create a high quality product with unique materials that allow us to deliver an unparalleled result.
It is time for transformation. Imagination is now reality. A perfect ensemble just became the perfect solution. Ready to enjoy.

Special Solutions

Home office

Create a space to work at home. Without taking away any functionality to the rest of the home. Designing for you within an aesthetic framework usability are the top priorities and dominate the scene. Each Project is unique and needs its own special solution.

Guest rooms

Completely transforming the appearance and functionality of the area in seconds. Design to multiply the usefulness of the same space. Creating different realities for different times or uses. Easy. Simply. Organized.
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